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Step 1. Visit the Virginia Western homepage and select MyVWCC tab.  Log-in with your Virginia Western username and password. 

  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can select Forgot Username or Forgot Password to retrieve or reset this information. 
  • When logged-in, select the SIS Student Information System icon. 

Step 2. Select Student Center from the upper left-hand corner of the screen. 

Step 3. To register for classes, select Enroll from the Academic Section of your Student Center. 

Step 4. You will be prompted to select the semester you want to enroll in classes.  After selecting the semester, you'll be asked to enter the 5 digit class number for the specific course selections you'd like to take.

  • If you do not know the 5 digit class number for your courses, you can select the Search button to search the available class options.  When prompted, type in the three letter subject for the course (like ENG for English) and the number, which will either be a one or three digit number. 

Step 5. Once you have found the course section you would like to take, you can click Select Class to add it to your enrollment shopping cart. 

Step 6. Once you have all of your courses in your shopping cart, you can proceed to checkout to process your registration.

  • If you received green checks next to each course when you checkout, you are registered for the class. 
  • If you receive a red X, this means there was an issue that prohibited you from being registered for the course.
    • Read the message displayed to the right of the course with the red X in the status column to get more information about what prohibited your enrollment in the class.  (Some examples of common enrollment issues that preclude enrollment are that the class is full, the time of the class conflicts with another course you are registered to complete, or you do not meet the prerequisite of the course)
    • To view the prerequisite for courses, visit the Virginia Western college catalog at the following link:

If you receive an error stating you do not meet the prerequisite of the course and believe you have met this prerequisite through coursework completed at a college other than Virginia Western, email an unofficial copy of your transcript to the Enrollment Center at  In this email, include your Virginia Western student ID number along with information about the class you are trying to register for.  If you have additional questions about satisfying the prerequisite for the course and getting registered, email

If you need additional assistance processing your registration for your courses, you can visit the Registration Room in Duncan Hall Room 212 during any open enrollment period.  If you are registering using a mobile device, download the Virginia Western mobile app to more easily process your course registration.

If you have not attended Virginia Western within the last three years or completed an admissions application within the last year, you will be required to complete a new admissions application prior to registering. 

Registration > Add/Drop/Withdraw

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