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SAP is a calculation that looks at a student's entire enrollment. There are three reasons a student is on SAP suspension: the 67% completion rate, the minimum GPA requirement, and the 150% maximum completion percentage.

The 67% requirement calculates a student's completion rate based on the student's entire enrollment at VWCC. Any non-passing grades (F, W, I, R, U) count against this completion percentage.

The GPA requirement is based on a student's number of attempted credits. The breakdown can be found on the SAP page:

The 150% requirement looks at a student's entire enrollment at VWCC and any transfer credits from other schools. The 150% calculation is based on a student's current program, for example: if a student is in a program with 60 credits the student's limit for financial aid is 90 credits.

A student who fails to meet either the GPA or 67% SAP requirements for his or her first time will be placed on warning status for one term. If SAP requirements are not met at the end of the warning term, the student will be on financial aid suspension and the student's financial aid will be cancelled. Students failing the 150% requirement go immediately to suspension without a warning term.

Students not meeting SAP have the option to file an appeal to be reconsidered for aid eligibility. For SAP appeal forms, visit and navigate to the Satisfactory Academic Progress section and select the form to complete that matches the SAP requirement not being met.

All students submitting a SAP appeal must complete online GetSAP Counseling. You should complete this before completing your appeal form. You may link directly to the GetSAP counseling page from the SAP item in your Student Center To Do List. Please print your completion emails or the screenshot from GetSAP Counseling showing you have completed the required three modules and attach to your SAP appeal. The required modules are: The Essential to Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and What it Means to You; A Refresher on the Impact of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP); and The Key Components to the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Financial Aid Appeal Process. SAP Appeal submitted without proof of completion of GetSAP Counseling will not be approved.

GetSAP Counseling:

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